Bring your small business to a bigger international audience.

Two Canadian small business owners will have the chance to win a grand prize to help grow their business globally with:

  • $10K made available to help take or grow your business worldwide
  • $10K in international shipping

What does your small business
need to take the next step on the world stage?

Every small business has different needs, especially when it comes
to going global, that’s why we’re making part of the prize money available to help wherever you need it most, including:
  • SEO
  • Market research and insights
  • Fulfillment support
  • Packaging
  • E-commerce development / optimization
  • Legal services (to understand local laws and regulations)
  • Translation services
and more
But don’t worry, you’re not on your own to figure out where that money would best be spent. Winners will have the chance to meet with a specialized business coach if they like to help determine what’s best for them.
See here, for full contest terms and conditions.


If you’re not sure what you’d do with $10K to help start or expand your global offering, we have a number of business coaches in our network who are here for that — and you.

Winners of our Grow Your Global contest will have the opportunity to meet with a business coach, like Kelsey Reidl — a renowned Business and Marketing Coach who has worked with clients globally — to determine what their small business needs most, no matter where they are on their journey.

Your Exclusive Small Business Concierge

Just getting started with international shipping? It can be overwhelming to say the least.
From tariffs to logistics, there’s a lot to unpack. That’s why DHL is proud to offer an exclusive onboarding service with dedicated 1:1 care, ensuring your business is set up for success
from the start.

Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive shipping guides, DHL resources, and more.
Get started today.