A woman in a warehouse surrounded by food boxes, organizing supplies for distribution.A woman in a warehouse surrounded by food boxes, organizing supplies for distribution.
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Blooming Internationally: Wild Folk's Botanical Cocktails Take the World Stage

DHL Canada is proud to announce Wild Folk, a Calgary-based botanical cocktails company, as one of the winners of our Grow Your Global campaign. Known for their artisanal, zero-proof beverages with delicious flavours, Wild Folk is ready to take its unique, alcohol-free beverages to the international stage.

Pouring Into New Markets with a $20K Prize

With the $20K winnings provided by DHL, Wild Folk is looking to expand its global reach by enhancing its logistics. "We're aiming to streamline our distribution and marketing efforts in new regions where we don't have a physical presence," says founder Dalia Kohen. “Figuring out how to position our product in unfamiliar markets is crucial. This fund will support everything from business logistics to ensuring our products reach new customers smoothly and efficiently."

Navigating the Global Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Scene

As a small business, Wild Folk has faced significant hurdles in their journey toward international expansion. "Financing and funding are major challenges," Kohen explains. "Ensuring a smooth flow of funds while managing stock before it reaches customers is tough. The payment waiting period can be up to 60 days, which adds another layer of complexity."The $10K of business coaching services will help Wild Folk navigate these issues, ensuring they have the resources to manage growth effectively. Dalia is looking to coordinate various logistical aspects, such as border licensing, to ensure shipments make it to their destination. "I have an export plan in place thanks to a trade accelerator program, but piecing it all together is another challenge — the guidance of a business coach helping me out with regional marketing strategies will be invaluable."

Botanical Wisdom for Fellow SMEs with
Global Ambitions

For Wild Folk, thinking beyond local markets is essential for growth. "Calgary has been a very supportive community — and community support is vital," says Dalia. "However, there's potential for more growth and more significant impact in larger, international markets, providing an exciting opportunity for us."

As a Grow Your Global campaign winner, Dalia encourages other Canadian small businesses to remain open to support and new opportunities. "It's easy to get bogged down in daily operations," Dalia advises. "Seek out connections and socialize with others who can uplift you. There will always be ups and downs, but staying connected and thinking big can make all the difference."

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