Taking care of business means taking care of you

At DHL, we don’t just care about packages. We care about small businesses. That’s why we recently completed our Handle With Care initiative. A program dedicated to promoting wellness in the small business space.

Often overlooked, wellness should be the first step to building a better business. For a recap of the program and a look at how wellness should be part of your business plan, check out our patterns and the two lucky winners below.

Meet Coach Carey, our wellness specialist

Coach Carey is a certified life coach in the wellness space.
 She brought her collaborative and holistic approach to get
to the root of what wellness means for small businesses.

Meet the contest winners

The two lucky winners received a $10,000 shipping stipend and $10,000 to be used specifically for wellness and self car for them and their employees

Small business making a big difference

We collaborated with five businesses who demonstrate the importance of self care from across Canada to help spread our message to small business owners.

We saw a tremendous amount of success from businesses across Canada prioritizing wellness. Make sure it’s the first step you take to building a better business.