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Green Altitude, Yellow Attitude: Take Your Business Higher with GoGreen Plus

Sustainability—we're all in. And now, we're making it easier for small businesses all over Canada to take more steps towards a greener future.

We're proud to be the first logistics company to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) with GoGreen Plus, a service that helps small businesses to lower the carbon emissions associated with their shipments. So whether you're already using recyclable packaging or participating in carbon offsetting, you now have another opportunity to take steps towards a more sustainable future. 

Ready to Ship Yellow to GoGreen? Reach out to learn more about GoGreen Plus. 

What is and Why SAF?

Unlike conventional kerosene-based aviation fuel, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is derived from more environmentally friendly sources such as waste cooking oil, and forest and agricultural residue. Once processed, it is blended with traditional aviation fuel and supplied to airports and aircraft. A remarkable innovation in aviation is that an airplane flying on SAF emits up to 80% less CO2 over time than flying on traditional fossil fuels.

We've established a goal to achieve a minimum 30% SAF fuel blend by 2030 as part of our sustainability roadmap. This is a high bar for sustainability in logistics, and we are the only logistics company currently utilizing SAF, leading the charge toward greener operations.

GoGreen Plus: Simplifying Sustainability for Canadian SMEs

We've heard from many small businesses that the quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can be fraught with challenges. You're already juggling running your business and having to wade through complex environmental regulations, a lack of governmental support, overhead costs, and information overload. 

But you know sustainability isn't just the right thing to do—it's also a business advantage.

50% of digital buyers state that environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions1 and 77% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product that is sustainable2

GoGreen Plus addresses these challenges and opportunities for you head-on by making it easy for you to commit to change:

Simplified Process:
DHL's GoGreen Plus service streamlines emissions reduction by removing the barriers that typically prevent small businesses from taking action. 

Certifiable Benefits:
When you ship with GoGreen Plus, you receive a certificate detailing the emission reduction value. You can use this certificate for your reporting, brand marketing, and more.

From Offsetting to Embracing Insetting:
Offsetting and CO2 compensation, like planting trees, don’t cut CO2 emissions. In contrast, insetting, such as through GoGreen Plus, involves investing in reducing CO2 within your supply chain.

Contribution to a Green Future:
By choosing GoGreen Plus, small businesses directly contribute to a more sustainable future, aligning with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly business practices.

The Horizon Ahead: Embracing Sustainability with GoGreen Plus

The message is clear: sustainability is within reach, and it doesn't have to be complicated. Our GoGreen Plus initiative is more than just a service; it's a movement towards a more sustainable logistics industry. By leveraging SAF, we're reducing our carbon footprint and empowering small businesses to do the same.

Ready to Ship Yellow to GoGreen? Reach out to learn more about GoGreen Plus and start making a positive impact with your next shipment. 

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Adam Taubenfligel talks greenwashing and sustainable business practices.
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A Pair of Truths: Sustainability vs. Responsibility

When my brother, sister and I took our brand Triarchy offline in 2017, we had one goal: Find a better way to make jeans. We gave ourselves 6 months; instead, we took 18-months collectively learning about all sorts of sustainable practices, tools and rigours we could apply to our brand. And that’s what we did. We relaunched Triarchy and set it off in a shiny, new, sustainable direction.

Fashion has always had seasons. And just like fast fashion that hits store shelves as quickly as it does landfills, the word sustainability became the ‘must-have’ accessory of the season. It turns out that the actual sustainability work Triarchy and other independently-owned fashion brands were doing ended up being lost in the pile. “Sustainability” was losing its integrity just as we were pivoting to our mission of responsibly and ethically made denim.

From rituals of self-care to limiting food waste, the pandemic made it clear that responsible consumption is here to stay. You’ve likely felt it yourself, especially when your customer asks about the origins of what you’re selling. Brands responded — either by doubling down on making their businesses better or by amplifying minimal efforts to look like sustainability is their entire ethos.

Reveal the camouflaging of greenwashing by asking questions

Greenwashing happens easily because it’s labour-intensive to put a lens on every brand. It’s like seeing the ‘low-sugar’ sticker on a box of cereal — maybe it is! But unless you’re going to read the nutritional label, a lot of people, as well as the people making supply chain decisions, are going to take these claims as “facts” at face value. These get passed on to the buyers, and how we spend our dollars end up perpetuating this cycle by giving these brands a pass. We need to be asking harder questions.

If something is too good to be true, it probably is. I realized that by not asking tough questions. If I don’t know the truth behind what I’m passing along to our customers, then I can’t operate a business. With that revelation, I discovered that Triarchy’s entire sustainability journey would be a tasting menu to the regular buyer, but it’d be up to me to define it, shape it and tell that story.

Give your buyers a crash course in your responsible practices

There are few governing bodies or certified labels and certifications out there that buyers can rely on to do the hard work and measure a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Sadly, vendors often misrepresent themselves and tell designers one thing, which can lead to splashy marketing campaigns that attract a customer’s eye. Once someone sees this plastered all over their website or bricks-and-mortar store, the common thought is, “hey, this is amazing!” But we want to be pushing them to think: “that’s interesting, I want to know more.”

For example, when you see a claim that a fabric’s stretch comes from recycled water bottles, that’s great. But what’s added to it to give it a new life? Is the process still producing microplastics in our water? Is recycled plastic just making new garbage from old garbage? At its end of life, will this sit in a landfill for 200 years, just like regular plastic?

Why ask these questions? Well, I bought into the recycled water bottle stretch story at one point, but I knew something didn't feel right. I needed to do the critical work and suss out whether this technology I claim to be responsible and sustainable is actually responsible and sustainable! If I don’t, I risk damaging Triarchy’s brand, as well as my own commitment to being a responsible, professional and personal citizen.

The responsible work.

The most sustainable thing you can do, as a small business, is hire a third party auditor. We work with Greenstory and Retraced to do just this. Greenstory investigates our manufacturing practices and Retraced, our supply chain. Businesses like theirs can vet your practices and your products and then report back to you how sustainable you really are. This does a couple things:

  1. It puts your money where your mouth is when discussing sustainability
  2. It provides a framework to work within that highlights where you can be better, giving you a clear understanding on how to improve your practices.

Seeing actual metrics for every product Triarchy makes in real time is inspiring to us and easy to understand for customers. It’s a win, win for everybody, even when you don’t like the report, because that’s the only way to make the report better. To me, that is running a business responsibly.

Think responsibly. Think sustainably.

As small business owners, we have to work harder to maintain the integrity of the word, sustainability. At Triarchy, we did a simple exercise. We took the definition of “sustainability” (“Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”) and applied it to what we were doing. We took stock of our industry — a lot of brands were leaning into sustainability but all with very different comprehension of the word. This is where greenwashing comes into play. It’s also where we saw an opportunity to forge a new path — instead of touting our sustainability, we were leaning into our responsibility.

If we’re going to throw the word sustainability around, then we need to start thinking about its intended meaning. Start asking questions. And start acting responsibly. Responsibility is a word I want to stand behind because it offers a framework to operate a brand within when trying to make jeans better, and therefore, better jeans.


About the Author:

Adam is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Triarchy, a sustainable denim brand whose mission is to conserve the planet's most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of the planet's most beloved piece of clothing, jeans. Learn more about Adam and Triarchy here.

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Sustainable Business Solutions: How To Achieve Eco-Friendly E-Commerce

The importance of sustainable solutions in e-commerce

In an era where environmental considerations are becoming increasingly prominent, the importance of sustainable solutions in e-commerce cannot be overstated. With the global boom in e-commerce, businesses now more than ever have the responsibility to minimise their environmental impact. A sustainable approach is not merely a nice-to-have but a critical business imperative.

Sustainable solutions contribute significantly towards environmental sustainability, a major global concern. For instance, practising sustainable shipping methods reduces the amount of carbon emissions and safeguards the environment in the midst of climate change. In addition, encouraging the use of eco-friendly packaging made of biodegradable and recyclable materials means that its lifespan is extended, which reduces the demand for new resources and helps in waste management.Furthermore, consumers are becoming more eco-conscious and favour businesses that align with their values. An eco-friendly business can enhance its brand image and loyalty among customers, thus driving customer acquisition and retention.With overseas shipping becoming more prevalent due to globalisation, the implementation of sustainable practices in e-commerce has a far-reaching global impact. By adopting sustainable solutions in every step, from product sourcing to packaging and shipping, businesses can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. Embracing sustainability in e-commerce: Practical tips for businesses

Adopting sustainable solutions in e-commerce offers businesses a strategic advantage in today's competitive market, serving as a key differentiator that not only benefits the environment but also resonates with consumers and drives business success.

1. Selling environmentally-friendly products

A key aspect of sustainability in e-commerce lies in the products themselves. Opting to sell eco-friendly products demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices. Whether it's organic clothing, locally sourced items, or products made from recycled materials, promoting green products not only benefits the environment but also appeals to the growing market of conscious consumers.

2. Preventing customer returns

A less apparent yet significant source of environmental impact in e-commerce is customer returns. Returned items often require additional packaging and international shipping, contributing to increased carbon emissions and wastage. By providing accurate product descriptions, high-quality photographs, and detailed sizing guides, businesses can minimise returns, thereby reducing their environmental impact.

3. Sustainable packaging

Switching to sustainable packaging can dramatically reduce a business's carbon footprint. Prioritise biodegradable or recyclable materials for your product packaging. Transitioning to eco-friendly packaging, whether through cardboard boxes, paper stuffing, or cornstarch peanuts, is a significant stride towards achieving eco-friendly e-commerce. Remember, your commitment to the environment does not stop with the products you sell but extends to every aspect of your business operation.

4. Partnering with a sustainable shipping partner

Choosing a logistics partner committed to environmental sustainability is another pivotal step. At DHL Express, we are dedicated to offering sustainable shipping methods. Our GoGreen initiative includes eco-friendly measures such as optimising delivery routes for reduced fuel consumption and emissions, using electric vehicles where possible and expanding the use of sustainable aviation fuel. By partnering with DHL Express, your business can extend its green ethos to the last-mile delivery, significantly enhancing your brand's reputation.Achieve sustainability in e-commerce with DHL Express

By undertaking the journey towards sustainability in e-commerce, businesses can make a tangible impact on the environment, boost their brand image, and meet the growing consumer demand for responsible practices. It's a win-win situation that promotes both environmental stewardship and business growth.At DHL Express, we're here to help you navigate this transition, providing sustainable shipping solutions to help you reduce the environmental impact of your e-commerce operations, one parcel at a time.Your journey towards sustainability is also a journey towards a more prosperous future. By adopting eco-friendly business solutions, you're not only preserving the environment but also setting your business up for long-term success.

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Accelerate Your Shipping Success with Our Exclusive Small Business Concierge

So you're ready to ship internationally—congratulations! There's nothing like the feeling of expanding your business and reaching new customers worldwide. But navigating international shipping can be daunting, especially for small businesses.

Enter DHL Exclusive Small Business Concierge, a first-class shipping experience specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses. Our concierge service is designed to make international shipping easy and stress-free so you can focus on what you do best – growing.

Your first 60 days–it's not just business; it's personal, too

When you create a shipping account with DHL, for the first 60 days, you're part of our Exclusive Small Business Concierge service. It's like having a shipping expert at your fingertips, ready to help you navigate the world of cross border shipping, account setup, and tips and tricks so your package can go around the world, reaching its destination, worry-free.

In the weeks that follow, our concierge will be available to help guide you through:

●      Proactive Monitoring: Ensure your first shipment arrives at its destination on time.

●      E-Billing Setup: Help you facilitate the setup of your billing information online.

●      Customs Declaration: Offer insights into customs requirements, commercial invoices, and shipping practices essential for international shipping.

●      Ongoing Assistance: Order supplies, set up a regular pickup, or support with any shipping-related questions or concerns.

Going and growing global with DHL

The Exclusive Small Business Concierge by DHL supports small business growth and success. Our goal is simple: we provide entrepreneurs, like you with the insights, support, and tools needed for a smooth transition into the global market.

Ready to go global? Get in touch today!

Go Global

Interested in taking your business global?

Whether you’re just thinking about growing beyond Canada’s borders, or are already shipping internationally,
our expert customer care and hassle-free solutions will make international shipping the simplest part of your day.

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