F1 race cars racing with DHL banner encompassing the track.F1 race cars racing with DHL banner encompassing the track.
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A Formula For Success: Partnering with F1®

How DHL delivers the F1® season and what it can teach you about putting your small business in gear.

Formula 1® is the definition of high octane sport, with a combination of expert precision, daring speed, and cutting-edge technology that has been thrilling fans since 1950. You might be surprised to know that DHL has been the logistics partner of F1® for nearly 40 years, and we’ve learned a lot in our history together that can help kick your small business into gear. But to get to the finish line, you need to get to the starting line — that’s where DHL comes in.

Before the Rubber Meets the Road

Weeks before race day, when the Ain-Diab Circuit in Casablanca or the Monaco road circuit are just stretches of asphalt or public roads without the cameras, crowds and cars, DHL is on the ground.

We’ve had the honour of delivering the cars, the fuel, the equipment and the electronics from every corner of the world that makes every race possible. Alongside the cars, we’re also responsible for delivering the media broadcast equipment that brings the race to viewers all over the world, and the hospitality equipment that helps make race weekend so exciting.

From the Track to the World

By the numbers, every year we deliver up to 2,000 metric tons of race cars, fuel and equipment – usually between 40 and 50 tons of freight per team (each car weighs a whopping 795kg!) – to 22 countries, across 5 continents.

We’re Formula 1’s trusted logistics partner for a reason: because we know how to deliver freight in record time. We keep things running quickly behind the scenes so that every F1® team can worry about their pace and the race, and every small business can worry about their growth rather than their logistics.

ALGARVE INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, PORTUGAL - MAY 02: DHL freight at the end of the grand prix during the Portuguese GP at Algarve International Circuit on Sunday May 02, 2021 in Portimao, Portugal. (Photo by Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images / Adrivo)

Shared Values, Shared Successes

The technologies, the speed, the size, and the scale of F1® evolve year-over-year, and so do the opportunities for logistical improvements. That’s why we’re so proud to offer our expertise in green logistics to help Formula 1® achieve their sustainability goals, working toward net zero carbon by 2030.

Working with a partner that’s been at the forefront of innovation, spearheading advancements in composite materials, safety, aerodynamics, and energy recovery inspires us to innovate in every way. From what we offer to how we offer it, we’re dedicated to pioneering more sustainable journeys for all of our deliveries – and to finding the best, fastest, and greenest solutions for all of our customers.

Run Your Best Race

If we’re able to deliver the world’s fastest cars safely and quickly around the globe, just imagine what we can do for your small business.

Just like a Formula 1® event, our support starts before the race does. We’ll help you identify what logistical supports your small business needs and help you put a plan in place. Whether you’re opening up shop, expanding, starting to ship internationally, or need a reliable shipping partner to help reach your global clients, we’ve got the international presence and expertise to fuel every step.

Keeping up with your industry means holding yourself to its highest standards, learning from all of the data available to you and delivering your best. Like a race crew, we know that you’re always studying and looking for new ways to get ahead. Our ever-evolving mentorship resources are designed to inform and inspire when you turn the corner. Our experience can be your competitive edge.

When you’re ready to go global, we’re already in place to deliver. Once your global network is in place, it’s time to start innovating. We want to partner with you to find new ways to do business.

Take our collaboration with Formula 1® toward being net zero carbon as inspiration – when you bring us in on your journey, we’ll find new ways to deliver as your logistics partner.

You don’t have to run the world’s fastest racing series to know the value of speed, precision, and cutting-edge technology. At DHL we know that every business — big or small — needs to have their shipping needs met quickly and carefully. That’s why we treat every package with the precision and expertise we bring to Formula 1®.

To learn more about how DHL helps keep Formula 1® running, click here. And for more small business tips and advice from us and other small business experts, check out DHL Mentorship.

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