Get Ready to Rock Global Trade With the Rolling Stones

We’re thrilled to be delivering The Rolling Stones Unzipped exhibit to Kitchener, Ontario and beyond. 

Who knows more about connecting people around the world and delivering on the world stage, than a band that’s circled the globe for six decades? That’s why we’re so proud to sponsor the Rolling Stones UNZIPPED exhibit: a backstage pass to the greatest rock band of all time. Not only are we proud to deliver this crowd-stopping exhibit to cities across Canada, but we’re psyched to be providing logistical support for the 300+ original pieces of rock and roll history that are along for the ride.

And speaking of support, let’s check out some of the ways you can get your business ready to rock the world – 

Lead Your Business From Centre Stage

By being the team leader, there’s no one better than you to set the expectations for your team and strengthen your brand presence. Establishing how you talk to customers and market your business locally and internationally, by being the shining example to your team, you can set your business up to perform worldwide.

Set The Rhythm for Your Team

Every team needs a coordinator to keep things on time and in step. By assigning team managers to tackle the day-to-day operation of your burgeoning international business, you let everyone know who to take their lead from, and establish accountability while encouraging team members to really get to know the global market.

Leave Room For a Good Solo

After establishing expectations and assigning team leaders, you can empower employees by inviting them to step forward and deliver any ideas they might have, gleaned from their specific experience, that could strengthen your global business.

Ready to Rock?

Once you’ve set your brand up for success, there’s just one thing standing between you and your very own world tour: Sign up for a DHL account today. 

Remember, with the right planning and logistics partner you, too, can deliver what your fans need.


To get tickets to see The Rolling Stones Unzipped in Kitchener, on now through April 18, 2022, visit