Five Ways to Look After Yourself And Your Employees

It’s no secret that the pandemic has drastically impacted the way entrepreneurs manage and run their businesses. With uncertainty still at the forefront, it’s never been more important to prioritize mental health and community building.

As an entrepreneur, it’s not easy to watch businesses struggle to pivot and adapt many times over. Repetitive challenges are no doubt frustrating, but it’s an opportunity to recognize that collectively, business owners are building a new level of resilience and determination. With that, there is a unique opportunity to deepen authentic connections with our communities and team members. You might be wondering: How can I strive for sustainable balance and ensure my mental health is a priority while keeping things in flow? 

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A great place to start when it comes to maintaining a positive relationship with yourself, your team and your customers is through these five steps: 

1. Address and unpack emotions

In the current climate, business owners are faced with several layers of tough decision-making that require heavy-duty leadership. From readjusting staff to staying on top of restrictions, we’re all running full steam ahead while attempting to stay afloat and avoid being overwhelmed. With that in mind, the only way forward is through. Addressing how you and your team are feeling is crucial to laying a solid foundation for next steps – it starts with acknowledging the realities of emotional impact. Whether through daily check-ins or weekly meetings, cultivating a culture of compassion goes a long way. 

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While addressing feelings is a solid starting point, following that up with a refreshed mindset is necessary. A relaxing break from daily tasks can help reset your mood while promoting positive wellbeing and reducing stress1. Creating a pause mindset can simply be taking 30-60 minutes every day to go outside, stretch, or practise meditation – and allowing your team to do the same. Cultivating an environment for you and your team to feel comfortable taking breaks can improve mental health overall.  

2. Connect with other entrepreneurs 

Navigating isolation in this experience is extremely common, especially when you’re running a business. In stressful times, consider seeking advice and support from others around you. Asking for help doesn’t always come naturally, but connecting with other entrepreneurs might give you the fresh perspective, insight and comfort that you didn’t know you needed. 

3. Hone in on transparency and communication

Businesses today are being held to a higher standard and consumers are carefully choosing where to spend their dollars. ​​No matter what industry you’re in, it’s really important to evaluate the presence that your business has and, as an owner, you have the chance to peel back an extra layer of transparency — specifically with online content — when it comes to communicating with your customers. Despite the fear that many entrepreneurs have about sharing “non-business related” content, leaving your audience in the dark can do more harm than good. With transparency comes the chance to build trust and embrace authenticity.  

To foster genuine connection, think beyond what you sell and consider the needs and desires of those you are selling to. There’s a lot of value in temporarily pausing the marketing emails and salesy social posts to genuinely reinforce your relationship with your customers. In fact, nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers want brands to connect with them2.  So not only does transparency in business strengthen accountability, but it can also improve efficiency and generate better performance3. 

4. Acknowledge your wins

Constantly striving to make your business the best it can be, has its advantages, but celebrating wins (no matter how small they may seem) will fuel you with the energy you need to push forward. You might consider times you reached your target revenue or had a big launch as wins – but the day-to-day moments of progress are equally important.  

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Maybe you shifted your products online or grew your social media presence – it might not seem innovative, but they are still achievements worth celebrating. 

Consider setting a goal of daily journaling to keep track of one thing you did that was outside your comfort zone, one thing you are proud of and one thing you want to work on. Being a business owner, especially in these times, relies on hard work, determination and perseverance — remind yourself that there is significance in each day.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Have you heard, “it’s time to pivot?” way too many times over the last few years? I sure have! Entrepreneurs are the rocks of their businesses, and that often means juggling several too many tasks at once. It’s important to recognize that no matter how many backup plans we have, sometimes uncontrollable and unavoidable circumstances arise. It’s okay if you don’t have solutions to every possible scenario right away. The road ahead is a marathon, not a sprint.

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