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These Experts Know Small Business

Learn how to optimize the online side of your business. Our expert mentors are here to share the experience, tips, and tricks gained from their own successes.

Komal Minhas

Scale Your Business Through Storytelling

Komal teaches us about how to use your business’ history to build your brand and attract the right audience. From origin stories to curated brand pieces, Komal takes us through how storytelling can help you scale your business, and how to protect your own well-being when so much of your small business is you.

Steve Carty

Creating Content That Gets Noticed

Steve talks all about content creation as an art form, and how to put the best side of your business forward. Discussion professional vs. DIY photography and offering a behind-the-scenes look at the process of brand photography. Steve teaches us about how to create content that gets attention – and clicks.

Dani Roche

Visual Branding 101

Dani teaches the fundamentals of visual branding before launching into an exploration of logos, fonts, colours, and the way that all of these elements work together to create an impactful brand experience for your customers. 


Prepping Your Business For The Global Market

DHL discusses how to leverage our global shipping and logistics experience to get your small business ready to go global. Learn about how our many small business resources can help you realize your business goals and get ready to set even bigger global goals for your company’s future.

Taylor Loren

5 Ways to Increase Instagram Views, Engagement, and Followers

Taylor talks about Instagram engagement, teaching real-world strategies for reels, speaking to IG’s algorithm, using analytics, and more.

David Kollar

Using Your Competitors Successes to Scale Faster

David takes us through how to learn from our competitors to scale faster and smarter. 

Leendert Van Delft

Realizing Your Business’ Global E-Commerce Potential

Leendert explores small business growth on a global scale, and how DHL can help.


Ready, set, global.

Whether you’re new to going global or have been open to an international market for a while, we’re here to support your ambitions for growth and keep you connected to the world with best-in-class shipping and a suite of ever-evolving small business resources. And that’s just the beginning.

Stories to Inspire Your Success

Think of these stories as mentorship in just a few minutes. Learn from small business owners who have been there before and take away lessons earned from their experiences.

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