DHL Hamilton Gateway brings the world to your doorstep

The opening of Hamilton Gateway makes it easier for Canada’s thriving small business community to expand their footprint and better serve their international customers with seamless, secure and reliable shipping.

Canadian small businesses that depend on shipping for sales and supplies have reason to celebrate with the opening of our Hamilton Gateway facility. DHL has invested $100 million into Hamilton – and Canada at large – to upgrade and construct our new state-of-the-art facility. Conveniently located at Hamilton International Airport, Hamilton Gateway was built to handle increasing shipping volumes, especially as many small businesses across Canada continue to grow their online presence.

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Here’s a quick snapshot of Hamilton Gateway:

Want to take a closer look? Check out a 360° tour of the entire facility.


There’s no question that logistics and shipping are vital to you and your small business. Having the ability to quickly and confidently move your packages across borders, no matter what shape, form or weight it takes, is critical to your success. We want to make it as easy and seamless as possible for you to reach a broader range of customers. Whether it’s down south to our neighbours or all the way to New Zealand, with ten inbound and ten outbound flights per day, you can trust that when you ship with DHL, your shipment never stops moving.

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And just how do we do manage that?

Hamilton Gateway is four times the size of our previous facility (that’s 238,000 square feet) and features a fully-automated sorting system capable of processing 28,000 pieces per hour.

The airport also has 24-hour landing capability with dedicated Canada Border Services Agency staff on-site and 200 in-house brokers working 24/7 to facilitate quick and secure clearance and customs compliance.

Additionally, we know how integral it is that we safeguard our planet and reduce emissions wherever possible, so our facility was purpose-built to ensure its environmental impact is in-line with our mission to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

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Canadian small businesses can take advantage of this massive new shipping facility in a number of ways. The first is, of course, to continue choosing DHL as your primary shipping partner. The Hamilton Gateway’s central location puts 40% of Canada’s population within a 60-minute flight of the facility, ensuring quicker deliveries to customers across the country.

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And for small businesses looking for advice, expertise, and success stories, they can find everything they need all in one place right here at Mentorship, DHL’s always-evolving hub of online resources aimed at helping small business owners.